Wall Switch Automatic Assembly Machine
Five Hole Socket Automatic Assembly Line
Micro Switch Automatic Assembly Machine
Relay socket assembly line
Spool Copper Valve Automatic Assembly Line
Auto connector needle inserting machine
Automotive Reversing Switch Assembly Line

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We are striving to become an expert and outstanding service provider in automation industry.


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Provide excellent automation solutions and non - standard automation of high-tech enterprises


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We have professional manufacturing and service flow, with production, R&D, technical sales


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We have been to win the reputation of good quality and competitive prices,24-hour customer service


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DESHENG (dszdh) was founded in 2008, it is a high-tech manufacturer specialized in Designing, Developing and Manufacturing the best customized automations for precision electrical electronics, switch socket appliance, electric tools, automotive parts, new energy, switchgear industry and robotics.

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