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Can I reuse the disposable Face mask after spraying it with alcohol for disinfection?


Disposable masks now generally refer to ordinary medical surgical masks. Can the disposable masks be sprayed with alcohol for disinfection before use? The answer is: no!


1. Masks can protect against viruses, because viruses can form small particles with liquid droplets and attach to the masks. Spray the surface of the mask with alcohol. When the alcohol evaporates, the moisture inside will be taken away together. When used again, the separated virus may be inhaled!


2. For water and alcohol, alcohol is much more damaging to non-woven fabrics than water. In theory, it may kill bacteria on the surface of the mask. On the other hand, it destroys the structure of the mask itself. This moisture softens the fiber frame structure of the mask. When it becomes soft, it loosens. After loosening, the gap becomes larger, and when it becomes larger, the effect of blocking bacteria is greatly reduced.


If too much alcohol is sprayed on the mask, this 75% alcohol may be sucked into the airway, which is also a damage to the airway mucosa, causing congestion and edema of the airway mucosa, resulting in a decline in local immunity If the virus enters again, it will increase the infection of the respiratory tract.


In summary, during this period, do not spray and disinfect the mask!


If you have the conditions, you can try ultraviolet light irradiation disinfection to increase the number of masks used (if N95 masks), it is recommended that disposable masks be used in time to replace or do not bring the mask back to the home.

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