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Design and basic requirements of telescopic boom for automatic assembly


The manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly is designed. The bottom plate is fixed on the big arm, and the front flange is installed to complete the linear telescopic action.

(1) functional requirements of manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly machine

Manipulator telescopic arm installed on the lifting arm, the front end of the installation of clamping device, according to the instructions of the control system, to complete the workpiece automatic tranmission work. Stretch to be smooth and flexible, fast movement, accurate positioning, work coordination.

(2) adaptability requirements of manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly machine

To facilitate the adjustment, to adapt to the size of the workpiece different requirements, starting and ending position to facilitate the adjustment, the requirements to set adjustable positioning mechanism. In order to control the inertial force and reduce the movement impact, the size of the power should be able to adapt to the size of the load. For example, the stepper motor can change the movement speed through the program design, and the torque motor can change the size of the blocking torque by adjusting the working voltage, so as to achieve the requirements of stable work, fast action and accurate positioning.

(3) reliability requirements of manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly machine

Reliability refers to the probability that the product can complete the specified function in the predetermined service life under the specified working conditions.
Industrial manipulator can automatically complete the scheduled work, widely used in automatic production lines, so the manipulator must work reliably. Reliability analysis is performed at design time.

(4) the life requirements of manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly machine

Product life is a continuous working period during which the performance of a product is degraded within the allowable range due to wear and tear during normal use and no overhaul is required. Design should consider to take measures to reduce friction and wear, such as: choose wear-resistant materials, take lubrication measures, reasonable design of the shape of parts. Because the parts are difficult to design equal life, so easy to wear parts to facilitate replacement.

(5) automatic assembly machine manipulator telescopic arm economic requirements

The economy of mechanical products and equipment includes the economy of design, manufacture and use. The manufacturing cost of mechanical products in the material cost, processing cost occupies a large proportion, the design must give full attention. The basic design ideas learned in the course of mechanical design are integrated into the design.

(6) requirements of ergonomics for manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly machine

Ergonomics is also called technical aesthetics, including convenient and pleasant operation, effective adjustment, moderate lighting, clear display, beautiful shape, harmonious color, easy maintenance and so on. This design should fully consider the shape design, the design of each adjustment link to facilitate the human body to be close to, the use of convenient tools.

(7) requirements for safety protection and automatic alarm of manipulator telescopic arm of automatic assembly machine

According to the requirements of the code, to take appropriate protective measures to ensure the personal safety of the operator, which is necessary for any design. In the program design should consider the sudden work interruption caused by fault, such as the mechanism stuck, the workpiece is not in place, sudden power failure, to set an alarm device.
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