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What is the production process of disposable masks?


Common disposable masks on the market are made of non-woven fabric raw materials, which need to be used: 1. PP non-woven fabric, 2. melt-blown fabric, 3. nose bridge, 4. ear straps and other materials.


In addition to the above-mentioned raw materials, production equipment is also required, 1. mask punching machine, 2. mask ear strap spot welding machine, 3. mask packaging machine.

mask machine

Production process: Hang the non-woven fabric raw materials on the material rack of the masking machine. After commissioning, the machine will automatically produce the mask pieces, and then transfer the mask pieces to the ear belt machine for point belting, and the finished product will come out. For packaging. This is a semi-automatic machine production process. It requires 3-6 people to operate (1 main body machine + 2 ear belt machines). The fully automated machine is relatively labor-saving and labor-saving. The raw materials are hung on the material rack, and the machine automatically feeds the material. Only 2 or 3 people are required to operate 2 to 3 earband machines for automatic production.