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Global certification requirements for mask machinery and equipment


To solve the customs clearance certificate of the mask machine exported to Europe, the United States and other markets, the essence is that it needs to meet the relevant product directives and standards of the exporting country, so as to avoid the harm of the mechanical equipment to the personnel, we can provide you with product design, risk Services such as performance analysis, mechanical functional safety and product safety testing.

Mask production equipment specification standard

EU Directives/Standards:
EU Machinery Directive (MD 2006/42/EC)
EU Low Voltage Directive (LVD 2014/35/EU)
European Union Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC 2014/30/EU)
American Standard:
American Industrial Control Panel Safety Standard (UL 508A-Industrial Control Panels)
NFPA 79-Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
U.S. Machinery Evaluation Overview Standard (UL 2011-Outline of Investigation for Machinery)
Australian Machinery Safety Standard (AS 60204.1)
Machinery Safety-Mechanical Electrical Equipment (GB 5226.1 Safety of Machinery-Electrical of machines)

Other IEC member states:
IEC 60204-1
Certification items:
European Union CE; American Standard UL; Australian SAA; Russian CUTRF;
Southeast Asia and other countries...

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