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Why do celebrities like to wear masks?


I believe that we can often see many celebrities wearing masks on mobile phones. Why is this?

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1. In some public places, celebrities wear masks to reduce unnecessary troubles so that they can travel normally, and to reduce chaos in some places. Because some star-chasing people get excessively excited when they see the stars, and they rush forward one after another, which may lead to some safety problems.
2. Celebrities are public figures and pay great attention to their image. Most of the time, celebrities wear masks to hide their ugliness. Sometimes celebrities appear without makeup, in order not to embarrass themselves, wearing a mask is a good solution. And celebrities are also ordinary people, maybe sometimes they are exhausted, or their physical condition is not good. At this time, wearing a mask can cover all ugliness.

3. Now the environmental pollution is more serious. Celebrities, like us, also need to protect their own health. Therefore, when celebrities wear masks, they can play a role in preventing dust and smog, and at the same time, they can protect their health. The masks worn by celebrities have higher requirements for comfort and beauty, and masks made by automatic mask making machines can meet such requirements.

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