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The basic structure of the switch automatic assembly equipment


1. Directional arrangement, conveying and escapement system of parts(switch automatic assembly equipment)
The disordered parts are arranged automatically according to the spatial orientation convenient for the automatic processing of the machine, and then smoothly transported to the subsequent escapement mechanism to prepare for the subsequent grasping of the manipulator.

2. Grab shift place mechanism(switch automatic assembly equipment)
Grasp or vacuum the parts (components) positioned by the escapement, and then move to another position (usually the assembly working position).

3. Assembly working mechanism(switch automatic assembly equipment)
It refers to the mechanism used to complete the main action of assembly work, such as pressing, clamping, screwing, clamping, bonding, welding, riveting, bonding and welding the workpiece to the previous part.

4. Testing organization(switch automatic assembly equipment)
It is used to detect the components assembled in the previous step or the work results of the machine in the previous step, such as missing parts detection, size detection, defect detection, function detection and material cleaning detection.

5. Take out mechanism of workpiece
A mechanism used to sort and take out the assembled qualified and unqualified parts from the machine.

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