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Product Features of Solar Cell Welding Machine


The solar cell welding machine is a high-speed, high-precision automatic single and string welding equipment for solar panels. The equipment is equipped with a CCD image processing system, which can play a role in positioning and timely detection of the appearance and welding conditions of the cells. Infrared lamp method is adopted for welding, and the welding tape is automatically fed and cut off. When welding, there is an automatic welding belt pressurizing device to make the welding more firm. All actions are automatically controlled by PLC, and the battery string will automatically receive materials after the welding is completed.
1. One machine can replace three working procedures
2. Fragmentation rate is less than 3‰
3. Reliable welding quality and good consistency
4. Variety replacement is simple, and the replacement time is less than 20 minutes. 5. Feeding/welding/receiving, all without intervention and automation
6. Humanized touch screen operation, easy to understand