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The definition and components of the automatic assembly machine


The assembly realized by manual processing (contact, sorting, grabbing, moving, placing, applying force, etc.) each component, strictly speaking, can only be called manual assembly. Assembly that does not require manual processing (contact, sorting, grabbing, moving, placing, etc.) parts and components can be called automatic assembly. The one in between is semi-automatic assembly.

1. The directional arrangement of parts, transportation, escapement system

The chaotic parts are automatically arranged in a spatial orientation that is convenient for automatic processing by the machine, and then smoothly transported to the subsequent escapement to prepare for the subsequent grasping by the manipulator.

2. Grab-shift-place mechanism

Grasp or vacuum the parts (parts) positioned at the fixed point of the escapement, and then move to another position (usually the assembly work position).

3. Assembly work mechanism

Refers to the mechanism used to complete the main action of the assembly work, such as pressing the workpiece, clamping, screwing, snapping, bonding, welding, riveting, bonding, and welding to the previous component.

4. Testing agency

It is used to detect the components assembled in the previous step or the previous work results of the machine, such as missing parts detection, size detection, defect detection, function detection, and material cleaning detection.

5. Workpiece removal mechanism

A mechanism used to sort out the assembled qualified and unqualified parts from the machine.