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Introduction of Automatic Cup-shaped Face Mask Making Machine


face mask making machine

The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine is an automatic production equipment for cup-shaped masks. The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine can automatically complete the shaping, crimping and trimming of three-layer or four-layer cup masks.

The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine integrates multiple functions into one, and the direct finished product is a single cup-shaped mask, which is highly efficient and labor-saving. One person can operate three machines and can produce 8-12 cup-shaped masks per minute. The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine has stable performance, low noise, and can work continuously. It is controlled by PLC program, efficient and intuitive, and adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is not easy to rust.

It is suitable for the production of various masks such as cup masks, gas masks, N95 masks.

Features of automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine:

a. The automatic cup-shaped face mask making machine adopts servo and constant temperature control system. The PLC program controls the material to go through the following procedures: enter → forming → welding → punching, and complete the mask production at one time. The entire production process is fully automated.

b. You only need to configure a automatic cup-shaped mask nose bridge ear strap welding machine, you can produce countless market-oriented cup-shaped mask products.

c. The products are exquisitely made and the quality completely meets or exceeds the domestic and foreign inspection standards. At the same time, it saves more than 30% of material than previous mask equipment. Thereby realizing cost reduction and improving efficiency.